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Country of origin: Sweden

  Short history of the race

The Småland Hound are of the oldest Swedish races. The inventor is baron Fredrik J. von ashes on the Stromberghoeve at Jonkoping. The background of the race is a mystery. One assumes however that he has a partial Russian origin. Local stovar variants and the Schillerstovare have been used for obtaining the modern Småland Hound. The aim of breeding was a fairly small, robust obtain dog, kindest with stumptail. The race was recognised in 1921, by the Swedish kennel club. The race is small in number and hardly occurs outside the country of origin. It is very considerable scenthound.

  race description

The Smalandstovare are a fairly small, robust and square dog.

Head: dry, voorsnuit, straight nose back, developed with a good, which is parallel to the bovenschedel. Black nose mirror, dry lips.

Eyes: dark with a quiet expression.

Ears: fairly high incited, normal dimensions and wound up to the lower part. They must fall flat against the cheek.

Teeth: carnassial teeth.

Neck: moderately long, strongly and dry.

Body: short, straight and powerful back, slightly curved Len csdanes, long, lifts tending, broad croupe, well of muscles foresees. Deep and long udder fund, lifts accelerated abdomen line.

limbs: good angle of shoulder and upper arm, straight forelegs with good bud out, parallelly. Elastic forecentrefoot. Straight and parallel backlegs, good angle of knee - and tarsal joint. Broad thighs, well of muscles foresee. Low jumps. The backcentrefoot must stand perpendicular on the ground area.

Feet: permanently, with good toes closed, forward aimed. Strong foot soles.

Tail: or is carried 1. long, sabelshape and reaches almost to the point of the jump, or 2 high incited congenital stumptail.

Fleece: short, dense and gentle ondervacht, dense, thick and grof dekhaar. On the back of the thighs and the lower part of the tail the fleece can be fairly long. Good pilosity between the toes and foot soles.

Colour: black, with brown stand out above the eyes and with brown on feet and backcentrefeet, and under the tail.

shoulder height: ideal size males is 50 cm (19,7 inches) and for females 46 cm (18 inches).


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